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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speculation grows

All of the Welsh media are reporting the decision of Finance Minister Andrew Davies to stand aside from the race to succeed Rhodri Morgan this morning and to back Edwina Hart instead. Remember you read it here first.

It now looks like a three horse race for the top post with Edwina Hart all but confirmed, Huw Lewis and Carwyn Jones. All that is needed is for Rhodri Morgan to announce that he is to stand down this weekend. Here is the Senedd, the tension is palpable.
OMG the excitement...I must rush and change my trousers.

Does the exprsssion "big fish, small pond" mean anything to 'Senedd' Members?
I think you'll find that Inside Out scooped you - at least in assuming that Davies had pulled out in faviur of Ms Hart.
Peter, it can't be a "three horse race" because it is The Labour Party. "Flogging a dead horse" is a far more accurate description. Hee! Hee! Hee!
Peter, thanks for pointing these people out, we now know who should be the first ones against the wall come the revolution!
Did you just call Edwina Hart a horse?
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