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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The sound of silence

When unemployment fell in Wales compared to England there were many vocal Plaid Cymru bloggers and others claiming credit on behalf of their party leader. He was being hailed as an economic miracle worker or better despite the fact that the figures themselves were illusory.

In fact the actual number of people in real jobs as opposed to the those registered as officially unemployed, and those who were economically active both fell.

Well now that unemployment in Wales has risen by 7,000 over the three months to July, bringing the total to 116,000, at a rate slightly above the UK average should we be blaming Ieuan Wyn Jones?

Of course not. But maybe Plaid Cymru's cheerleaders will be a bit more circumspect over what they claim for their Ministers in future.
If they can claim the credit, they can also take the blame!

Lets face facts, the reason why we have an economic downturn is due to the Sub-prime market being leant too both at home and across the pond.

Lets also face the fact that the Parish Council on the Bay, hasn't generated all that much work; depending on which newspapers you read, the Baglan Energy Park promised to employ between 6,000 to 10,000 jobs at its inception in the earlier this decade.

What people WAG employs indirectly, for example Drugs Workers and Youth Worker on various initiatives are on short term contracts; often funding from WAG is slow to materialise, so making these short term contracts even shorter!

Someone is obviously benefiting from this set-up but it's not the people of Wales
Welsh noted is a translation of Vaughan Roderick. Is this you accusing Vaughan of being a plaid supporter for the second time? What is the bitterness between you two?
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