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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Over-egging the pudding

In the phoney war between the end of the silly season and the reconvening of the Assembly, it seems that the BBC's Welsh Affairs Editor, Vaughan Roderick has been proving the power of the blog in setting the news agenda. I was amused therefore to find this little gem, which deserves to highlighted.

Vaughan reports that a recent Plaid Cymru publication in the Vale of Glamorgan takes cheek to new heights. He says that the spinning is a good as in a a laundrette:

In a leaflet, Plaid Cymru boast of coming 'equal first' with the Tories and Labour in the European elections. That is certainly not true in the core vote. Maybe they are referring to the fact that the three parties won one seat each. If that is the case why leave out UKIP?

The leaflet goes on to claim that Plaid Cymru was 'within 750 votes of coming 2nd in the Vale of Glamorgan. That is factually correct. This is the result:

Tory 7611
Labour 4025
UKIP 3718
PC 3275
LD 2138

Isn't the party forgetting a few things? Like the fact that it came 4th, for example.

I wonder if there was a bar chart!
well bowled Mr Black,there is spin and there is twirl and twitter ,this is the latter.
Good effort! They are clearly learning from your own party ... what next? a bar chart leaving out UKIP perhaps?
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