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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nostalgia not what it used to be

The Guardian's latest promotion idea has to be the coollest yet. They are giving away reprinted editions of old children's comics. We have already had Jackie, The Beano and Roy of the Rovers and today we have the Bunty Summer Special from 1972.

I used to deliver all of these as a teenager and I can recall that some of the attitudes reflected in the comic strips seemed a little dated even then. This morning's Bunty though is like stepping into a time warp.

One story has a lawyer assessing a girl's femininity to see if she is eligible to receive an inheritance. After the girl leaps onto a chair in the presence of a mouse he concludes "That was really feminine behaviour! I like an old-fashioned girl who needs masculine protection!' Another comic strip is based in a girls' school where pupils are being taught how to be good housewives.

What would Harriet Harman say?
What woudl Kirsty Williams say?
Good grief! Dated morality's so well-known in film and TV because of DVDs, it's a great idea to revisit comics.
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