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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It was the Sun wot dun it

Both the media and, it seems a lot of Labour Party apparatchiks are running around like headless chickens today at the news that The Sun has abandoned Labour and is supporting the Tories. Or to be more precise it is supporting the Tories in England in Wales. In Scotland the paper is backing anybody but Labour in the hope that they do not alienate too many of their readers. It is a principled stance then?

Given the deeply illiberal and kneejerk agenda set out by Gordon Brown in his speech yesterday, including bringing back the poorhouse for single mothers, this is something of a surprise. After all wasn't the Prime Minister's speech written to appeal to papers like The Sun?

Still at least Labour still seem to have the half-hearted approval of the Daily Mail. I am sure they will be very happy together.
The poor house I think is coming for labour, the fight is now can Clegg move hos troops to take second place, if he cannot do this now, then sadly the Lib Dem's are has been. They must push like hell to take the second place from this dead end Labour party.
There is a much bigger picture here. Labour bashing is all well and good, but until such time as limits are placed on the size of a media empire, democracy will be a fable. That a media empire can seek to influence voting is anti-competitive and corrupt. This makes the bankers pay and MP's perks, sorry, expenses irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Would need some serious double dealing politicians to 1st get elected as friends of N.I. and Sky and then turn on the morals and break up and castrate the influence of these organizations.
It is indeed a sad reflection on our 'democracy' that one media mogul, with enough money can influence voters to the extent of shaping the result of a General Election. It's not just that he can inluence the voters - but the fact that the voters can be influnced in this way. Have we grown so complacent about democracy that many can't be bothered to vote or take our voting instructions from a tabloid? Is there a decline happening or am I just becoming a juandiced old fart?
Sam, the Sun follows, it does not lead.
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