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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is there trouble ahead?

I went to the Fresher's Fair at Swansea University today with Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader, Kirsty Williams where all the political parties had quite conveniently been grouped together in the same area.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats stall was sandwiched between the Socialists and the Tories, with Plaid Cymru at one end and Labour a few stalls away in the opposite direction. As usual it was quite lively and very noisy with students showing lots of interest in joining or finding out more about the Liberal Democrats.

Shortly after I left to go to a conference on homelessness in Llanelli I am told that the Labour candidate for Swansea West arrived to assist the Labour students. My informant tells me that a heated argument ensued in which it was suggested to the prospective MP that he was a liability and was not welcome at this particular event.

Has the impending loss of Swansea West caused some friction to develop amongst the brothers and sisters?
Friction and controversy in Swansea West Labour Party? Good heavens!
Don't suppose the delectable younger Ms Hart was making the suggestions by any chance?
I know this will sound like a bit of a miracle for Labour but maybe they had a bust up over "policy" - as opposed to "the personalities". This is not to suggest that the Swansea West MP does not have a personality - that would be very unkind - but you know what I mean. Perhaps a New Labour meets Old Labour Freshers' bust up about student tuitions fees and the resulting related tensions between England and Wales. Or was that just confined to The Liberal Democrat stall. Hee! Hee! Hee!
As i'm sure you are aware, there was a lot of noise, so what may have looked like a dispute, was actually trying to get messages across over the background noise per chance? The same could have been said about any society which was present, and even the Lib dems!
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