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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A hoax

When I blogged on the petition on the Downing Street website which calls for those who advocate independence for Wales and Scotland to be jailed for treason one of the comments gave some very good reasons why it might be a hoax.

Now, according to the Western Mail its lack of authenticity has been confirmed. A spokeswoman for True Wales Rachel Banner is quoted as saying: “This is a mickey-take. We believe in freedom of speech.”

Downing Street have been alerted but they have left it up for now along with the its eleven signatories, who include Henry VIII, William Wallace and Edward Longshanks.

Funny, I did not know they had the internet in those days.
told ya. People need to trust me more ;)
Yeh! They had IT - I was there :-) - will send you the proof by email . . . . .
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