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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fulbright dilemma

Since I heard Adam Price's announcement that he is to stand down to undertake a year-long Fulbright scholarship in the United States before returning to take up a seat in the Assembly and assume leadership of Plaid Cymru I have been puzzling about the timelines.

Presumably he will be taking up his place as a student next month, will return a year later and then seek selection for an appropriate Assembly seat for the 2011 election. If this is the case who will be representing Carmarthen East and Dinefwr in Parliament between October and the next General Election?
no, he's standing down at the next general, which means he won't be off to the US until then.
Well that would mean that his year of study will overlap with the Welsh Assembly Election. Perhaps we should have some clarity on this from Adam himself.
Even if it does not (school year ends at the end of May). He would practically have to "parachute" into constituency that he proposes to stand in. Is that fair? and does he not have to be accepted first?
".....assume leadership of Plaid Cymru"

Oh, you're soooo funny!
It's not unprecedented to parachute in from a Fulbright Scholarship; Charles Kennedy was studying at Indiana University when he was selected in 1983. But then, he had the advantage of coming back to the place he was born and brought up.

And in any case, doesn't the idea that there's a timeline problem presume that he actually cares about getting the qualification?
Does Plaid Cymru have leadership then?
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