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Thursday, September 10, 2009

An effective answer to the BNP on question time

A letter in yesterday's Guardian offers an effective answer to the BBC's decision to invite Nick Griffin of the BNP onto Question Time:

If the BBC is to invite the BNP on to Question Time, might I suggest that the other political parties all send non-white Britons to represent their point of view, to further emphasise how extreme is the BNP view of the country. Also, it is likely that the BNP would in turn "refuse to share a platform" with such people.

Andy Hunter

Well worth a try in my view.
Floella Benjamin would probably be my choice, if she'd do it.
I prefer the suggestion to place a very sharp comedian on the panel. The BNP isn't a funny topic, but the quick witted nature of a seasoned stand up artist would surely highlight some of the ridiculous policies the party has. All of the parties have a duty to make a very tactical move to make sure Griffin doesn't end up in an even stronger position after the show. If Gordon Brown really wants to save his skin, why doesn't he appear on there himself? At worst send someone like Lord Mandelson or Ed Balls to shoot them down in flames. Mandelson in particular could be an interesting move, if a little unlikely.
Yes, no politician dare be nasty to Floella Benjamin! The trouble is that Liberal Democrats don't get to choose who represents them on BBC political panel shows. One suspects that the two bigger parties have somewhat more clout.
Having just read a powerful Liberal Democrat News piece by Fiyaz Mughal ("Mughal India: the link between Muslims and Jews - a forgotten story"), I suggest he would be a good representative on a Question Time or Any Questions? panel.
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