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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Diplomatic language

So in the end the al-Megrahi affair boils down to the UK Government exercising power without responsibility.

The Prime Minister did not want the Lockerbie bomber to die in prison but he did not have to make that decision. Instead, Labour have let a naive SNP government take the fall for UK diplomatic manoeuvrings.

Yes, the decision was devolved but there were clear foreign policy implications that could not be ignored and were clearly beyond the competence of Scottish ministers.

By remaining silent publicly and giving the nod and a wink privately, the Prime Minister and his government were effective parties to the release of a terrorist who should have served out his time in prison.

Now he needs to answer questions about his part in this affair and for the talks with the Libyan Government that paved the way for the release and which allowed Mu'ammar al-Qaddāfī to publicly celebrate the decision as the triumphal end-point of long-protracted negotiations.

For what it's worth, I think the SNP government followed and applied Scotland's own rules (which do not say that terminally ill prisoners can be eligible for compassionate leave unless they are putative Libyan bombers) and everything the opposition is doing subsequently is simply nauseating grandstanding. The SNP have at least have had the bottle to apply the rules equitably and take the rap.

If only some of those screeching at them would behave in the same way instead of wrapping themselves in the stars and stripes - if there was real concern that compassionate release might result in this sort of outcome, why did the opponents not do away with it years ago? The answer, I suspect, is that they were either asleep on the job, or waiting for an excuse to indulge in some cynical vote-grubbing. Probably the former.

The real scandal here is the way that the US govt, Obama or not, seems able to interfere in due process outside of its own borders, not that the Scottish Justice Minister applied the established rules as laid down.
irrespective of his health issues....though it is now clear the man is close to death despite claims to the contrary in some sections of the gutter press ...al-Megrahi is plainly innocent!!!

It is a well known fact....and will be established in due course ive no doubt....that it was the iranians who were behind the lockerbie bombing in retaliation for the US shooting down one of its passenger planes earlier in 1988.

However it suited US foreign policy at the time to finger libya and ghadaffi for lockerbie.

I would urge anyone who wishes to know more about lockerbie to visit the website of dr jim swire, who of course lost his daughter in the atrocity.

If youll permit this link peter this most illuminatimg website can be found here

Have to say peter im surprised at somebody as knowledgeable in such matters as yourself taking such a position....next thing you know you'll be saying oswald killed JFK and that sirhan sirhan killed his brother :)

Leigh Richards,
Leigh, if you read this post you will better understand my reasoning though I doubt if you will agree with me.

sorry peter...had missed that post! yes do now understand your reasoning...........

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