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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cat of the day

is Archie. Currently resident at Llys Nini animal centre, he has the voice of a small fog horn that proudly declares he is ready to be waited upon and is competing to win Whiskas for life and to appear on their packaging. Help a homeless cat make good by voting for him here.

This is a public service announcement on behalf of Llys Nini which is currently full to bursting and in need of responsible people to adopt pets

This public service announcement make much more sense than the outpourings from Llandudno, Archie is far kinder on the hearing than Price and chums.
Greyhounds need homes too.....
Indeed, but do they eat Whiskas?
You are true to your world AM Black. Not many who pledge their support go as far as you to prove their allegiance! Da iawn. And anyway Whiskas is over-rated... a plain sardine marinated in garlic and herbs is fine... you should try sharing a cell with that feline beast...
...best not feed greyhounds wet food!
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