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Saturday, August 29, 2009

An uphill battle for Tory female candidates

I blogged this morning on Freedom Central about Tory AM Jonathan Morgan's piece on Wales Home calling for the modernisation of the Welsh Conservative Party. In this article Jonathan argues that it is time that his party addressed its overwhelming male image by positively discriminating in favour of women candidates.

A reference to my blog piece on my facebook page produced a curious response from at least one former Conservative candidate:

Felicity Ann Ledgerwood Elphick As an ex candidate (female) I have decided it is not worth my while battling against odds to get a good seat. I asked to be taken off the parliamentary list a year ago. Having no been reelected for a seat I nursed and worked hard in for 4 years I realised that women are just there to fill an unwinnable gap unless you are in the Media or under 35.

Perhaps things are worse in the Welsh Conservative Party than even Jonathan imagines.
Tory women have got all the help they need with the "A" list which guarantees an unfair advantage over white men. Perhaps you mean they're not getting an unfair financial advantage like Lib Dim women are with the group fundraising to give financial backing to women and ethnic minorities to help them get an unfair advantage over men?

Democratic political parties like UKIP treat everyone equally, whether they're male or female; straight or gay; black, brown or white. Equal rights is about making everyone equal, not making the minority more equal than others.

Not that you'll agree of course, we've had this discussion before haven't we?
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