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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spoofing Chris Grayling

Labour candidate Alex Hilton explains how he spoofed claims by Tory Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling that Britain is turning into 'The Wire':

On Wednesday 26th August 2009 I was chuckling over the silly things Conservative MP Chris Grayling had said about Britain becoming like the TV show, The Wire. It occurred to me to wonder whether the opposite proposition might be amusing. So I imagined a US politician complaining that the US is becoming more like a fictional UK TV show.

This train of thought led me to many minutes of tittering to myself. Clinton complains that Wyoming is becoming like Last of the Summer Wine! Obama bemoans the similarity of Santa Monica to Strictly Come Dancing!

Then I decided that it would only take a few minutes to clone the Mayor of Baltimore's website and have her suggest that Grayling's comments really were just as silly as her comparing Baltimore to the UK crime drama Midsomer Murders.

The video itself is genius:

By the way has anybody ever explained to Mr. Grayling that The Wire also features cynical politicians? It is a work of fiction, get over it!
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