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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letting the side down

The Guardian reports that David Cameron is today planning to deliver a public reprimand to Alan Duncan for complaining about MPs being "treated like shit". However, it is not believed that he is going to sack his Shadow Leader of the Commoms. This reflects what I have said earlier that the Tory inner circle appear to be immune from effective discipline on expenses misdemeanors.

Mr. Duncan's claim that well-paid MPs are being "forced to live on rations" just goes to show how many of them do not 'get it'. The public are mad not just because of the abuse that has taken place but also because of the lack of contrition and understanding being shown by many MPs.

The question David Cameron needs to ask is how many other Tory MPs (and those in other parties) harbour the same thoughts as Alan Duncan?
Alan Duncan should never have withdrawn his opinion.
He is right that good people will be frightened off by the expenses sandal.All ready decent honest people have been hounded by the media
I agree on this, as I'm sure David Cameron does. Alan Duncan was out of order, but I think we all need to see this as a systemic problem and that its likely to be the thinking of MOST of the politicians. I think the way the media is reporting it, is somewhat less than balanced. What we need is politicians from other parties coming out and making the sort of comment I have posted. Thanks
covers ups and little quips...bad as plaid?
What about Nigel 'Evans the News' also being caught on camera by the same guy saying he needed a second job because he couldn't get by on 64 (k) ? Wonder if that's a general view on Townhill??
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