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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The hidden scandal of unfunded nursing care - correction

A few days ago I blogged on the case of Marjorie Eyton-Jones from Benllech, Anglesey, whose family recovered more than £165,000 in nursing fees which were wrongly paid. I suggested that the judgement was a landmark case that could have wide-ranging ramifications for the National Health Service and hopefully beneficial implications for families in the same situation as those of Mrs Eyton-Jones.

However, I have now been contacted by her family's solicitor who has pointed out that the decision was not made by the court, therefore no judgement was made. This was not clear from the news reports and I based my conclusion on a conversation with a BBC researcher which turns out to have been misleading.

The solicitor tells me that this case is one of many her firm, Hugh James, have been able to seek reimbursement from the Health Authority following their failure not to assess or to assess inaccurately using restrictive guidance (another example was her client Jane Czyrko who was also interviewed on Radio Wales). The firm currently act for over 750 families in Wales and England.

The fact that this case has been settled out of court like the many others before it means that there is no precedent that can yet be relied on by these 750 families or others who have not yet taken their case this far. That is unfortunate because it means that we will continue to get inconsistent outcomes and that families will need to fight all the way to get what they should be entitled to.

I will take this up with the Minister as I had originally intended and press her to introduce some clarity into this process but it will be a much longer haul without a definitive judgement to rely on.
This post is a concise comprehensive easy to read resource on being a nurse educator. I am a graduate student pursuing my MSN/Ed. As a student, I found this blog to be very relevant, well cited, and easy to navigate. I loved that it came in soft tense.
There is a pattern. As you probably remember from a talk which Bleddyn Hancock gave to a group in Cilfrew last year, which we attended along with Cllr Keith Davies last year, health boards have always baulked at having any such case tested in court.
Dear Mr Black
With reference to your article on nursing care perhaps you would like to look at and draw all your colleagues in politics including the press to the web site


On this site you will find the truth on how the elderly are being robbed of their HOUSES, SAVINGS AND PENSIONS by gornment FRAUD
Alex Wilson ( Now in my 17TH year of dealing with Alzheimer`s ).
Dear Mr Black. My Mother has been in a nursing home for 4 years and needs full time nursing care. She has to pay for this @£2000.00 per month. We had to sell her family home last March which has greatly upset us. We have been trying to obtain fully funded NHS as her needs are health needs but the process of getting this is horrific for relatives to go through. We have had to put her case in the hands of a specialist solicitor because of the terrible toll it has had on my health. Mother has worked full time from the age of 14 to retirement and has never claimed benefits only paying out National Insurance/Income tax/council tax.I hope you can make a difference to all the thousands of relatives out there who are desperately trying to highlight or change this situation.
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