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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Delicious Irony

Two stories from the Observer here:

David Cameron's new alliance in the European Parliament hit fresh controversy last night when it emerged that its Polish leader had spoken out in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, which the Tories say would be a disaster for Britain and Europe.

The revelation is likely to shock Conservative eurosceptics, who believed that the new European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR), headed by Michal Kaminski, which includes the 25 Tory MEPs, was being set up by Cameron specifically to campaign against the kind of federal Europe that they insist the Lisbon Treaty would create.

and here:

McDonald's, the US burger giant, is set to become the only branded restaurant at Britain's Olympic venues, prompting fury from restaurateurs and environmentalists who say that food on offer should reflect regional foods and London's ethnic mix.

The irony here is not the failure to reflect regional foods but the fact that the Olympics are meant to promote healthy lifestyles.
I wonder how McDonalds will take you implying their offerings might not be conducive of a healthy lifestyle ?
"....prompting fury from restaurateurs..."

Shouldn't that be:

"....prompting a McFlury from restaurateurs..."
I think it is a matter of balance Stonemason. If McDonalds is the exclusive food available on site then how can one get that balance.
Says it all about the New Labour project really.
Moreover, Kaminski is not the neo-Nazi he has been painted. See Guido Fawkes.
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