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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bizarre claim of the day

Yesterday's claim by Wales Office Minister, Wayne David that the LCO process is working well and is an enhancement to the devolution process has to be one of his most bizarre. What planet is he inhabiting?

When he says that the system can be improved upon he is grasping at straws. The process is flawed because it depends on the co-operation of two different sets of Parliamentarians with competing aims, both working to further their own interests. It is astonishing that we have managed to get seven LCOs onto the statute book.

More seriously, LCOs are just a bad way of making law. They are time-consuming and expensive and once all the deliberations are over we still don't actually have anything to show for it in terms of changes to the lives of those people we are elected to serve.

If this is the silly season then Mr. David has jumped into it with both feet.
The only people this is working for is the Welsh Labour MPs.
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