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Friday, July 17, 2009

Who has Gordon had to dinner?

The Guardian has published a list of all those Gordon Brown has invited to dinner at Chequers together with some of the gifts he has been presented with by visiting dignitaries.

They include Jimmy Carr, Bruce Forsyth and the former director of the National Theatre Sir Richard Eyre. Other visitors include John Motson, the veteran football commentator, and his wife, Anne, Sir Fred Goodwin, the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lord Myners, the city minister, who led the government charge against Goodwin, Sir Victor Blank, the former chairman of Lloyds TSB, who famously cleared the way for the merger with HBOS after meeting the prime minister at a reception; and Eric Daniels, chief executive of Lloyds TSB and of the merged bank. Rhodri and Julie Morgan are also on the list.

The paper records that the prime minister was given an iPod, CDs and a book (no title given) by George Bush last year. Theophilus III, the Greek Patriarch at the Church of the Nativity, gave Brown an icon painting during his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories last July. Whilst two gifts of wine from Nicolas Sarkozy were worth more than £140, meaning they had to be retained by Downing Street.

The full list is here. Interestingly, John Prescott who believed that he and his wife were snubbed by Tony Blair by not being invited to Chequers, is missing from those who were entertained by the current Prime Minister as well.
Hmmm - No John Prescott - could that be due to finacial constraints on the food budget?
Gala pie, scotch eggs and a few (dozen) sausage rolls will keep Prescott happy, this doesn't cost much, so there must be other reasons for not inviting JP.
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