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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The use of language part two

To some of us it is effective scrutiny however to the Plaid staff member who writes Guerrilla Welsh Fare, those who seek to hold the Deputy First Minister to account are trying to undermine him.

It is almost as if Ieuan Wyn Jones were a tinpot dictator from South America who is believed to be above criticism. How much more self-absorbed and blinkered can Plaid Cymru get?
the blog police are back i see. lol
When the UK unemployment level is soaring, in WALES unemployment is actually FALLING.

I am sure you and Kirsty Williams will put party politics aside and join me in congratulating the Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones in the truly magnificent way he is handling the Welsh economy during these tough times as the Finacial Times stated.
Are you sure it is down to him or is this just Plaid propaganda? Maybe we have already hit rick bottom. After all we already have the lowest GDP of any part of the UK depsite One Wales targets.
As someone who reads the FT everyday I can't find any comment regarding the skills or otherwise of Ieuan Wyn Jones as an Economics Minister. The paper ran a series of articles on Wales in its July 6th edition in the run up to the Ashes. Much of the information in the articles concerned was historical and no attempt was made to pass judgement on any politician. Whilst it is true that unemployment fell in Wales in the last 3 months the number out of work is still 31000 higher than it was in the same period last year. Today's announcement by Anglesey Aluminium will sadly only add to that total. Wales still has the highest number of economically inactive people in any part of mainland UK. ProAct has obviously stopped firms making people redundant in the short term. But only time will tell wether or not it has represented good value to the taxpayer. The long term threat to the Welsh economy will come in the next few years with the expected cuts in public expenditure. With its reliance on the public sector Wales could be one of the hardest hit regions of the UK. Only today the Centre for Cities Think Tank names Swansea as one of the cities that could be hardest hit by any cuts in public finance after 2011. All politicians in my opinion should avoid playing politics with unemployment figures at a time when no one is really certain how the economy will develop over the next few years.
Agree with you PB, but I'm not sure who Rick Bottom is, and why he's been assaulted?
Oops!! Rock bottom.
Don't nationalists everywhere have to big up the Dear Leader though? Oh, except, actually, he isn't the leader, is he ?!
"As someone who reads the FT everyday I can't find any comment regarding the skills or otherwise of Ieuan Wyn Jones as an Economics Minister."

Aye, cos the London press is well known for the attention it pays to Wales isn't it?
The issue isn't how much attention London newspapers pay to Welsh affairs. The fact is that some Plaid supporters are claiming that the Financial Times is praising the way in which the Welsh economy is being run. Since the Minister for Economic Affairs is the Leader of Plaid then if such a claim was true it would obviously be a boost to the party particularly given the FT's standing as a newspaper in the international business community. The only problem with this is that it isn't true. As I pointed out in an earlier post the FT ran a series of articles on Wales in its edition of July 6th. Those who are spinning the nonsense that the FT sees Ieuan Wyn Jones as the Welsh Hjalmar Schacht relied on the fact that most people do not read the FT and to access the full website costs money. Unfortunately for them some of us do read the FT on a regular basis. If I were the Minister for Economic Affairs I would be more interested in an article in today's FT where it is suggested that the Treasury might not carry over the £20 billion underspend but instead the £20 billion might go towards the cuts that are required to balance the national finances. If this is true it could have an effect on the Assembly's budget because £8 million of the underspend involves health and education.
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