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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A puzzle and a predicament

According to Guerilla Welsh Fare last Thursday's Sharp End reported that Alun Davies' rather intolerant criticism of Ieuan Wyn Jones' reluctance to be scrutinised may have got him into trouble.

They said that Plaid Cymu AM, Chris Franks has reported his Labour coalition colleague, Alun Davies to the standards committee after the Labour AM allegedly unleashed 'an outburst riddled with profanity at an Assembly committee meeting'.

The question is does such a complaint exist or is it being mooted by persons-unknown as a means of trying to calm Alun Davies down and get him on-side?

I know that Chris Franks would not get involved in such manoeuvres but there may be some non-elected advisors who might consider that sort of leverage to be very useful.

Fortunately, Alun Davies is too principled to allow himself to be pushed into following a party line if he believes it is not the right thing to do.
Never though I'd see "Alun Davies" and "principled" in the same sentence
Who are Chris Franks AM and Alun Davies AM? They must both be insignificant, as I've never heard of either of them until now.
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