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Thursday, July 16, 2009

On local produce

Trust Tory Assembly Member, David Melding to liven up Rural Affairs questions:

David Melding: Minister, are you aware that on the third day of the Ashes test match last Friday at Sophia Gardens, they ran out of Brains beer by lunchtime? I am reliably informed that they underestimated demand, and that many Australians, frustrated by the poor nature of their traditional potations, turned en masse to Brains beer. Does that not underline the point that tourists enjoy visiting places where there is a lot of good fresh local produce, and that this needs to be marketed with even greater vigour in the future?

An interesting thought to go into the summer with.
There was plenty of Pedigree on the first two days. ;-)

Hurn's and Simon Buckley obviously missed a trick.
Let's hope the WAG lot drink plenty of the SA Brew during their long recess. They might come back brainier!
David Melding might be right that visitors want to sample local produce when in a particular area, but this is not an example of that.

Thr fans were, no doubt forced to drink Brains through the lack of any other option.

As anyone who lives in Cardiff will know, Brains has a hige monopoly in the city. Try getting ANY other beer in Cardiff - it's a much bigger task than you might think.

That's not so much a criticism of Brains - whose beer is drinkable enough and spectacularly well marketed.

Rather it is symptomatic of Cardiff's much larger problem of trying to be the cosmopolitan, international capital city while displaying all the traits of a monocultural, insular, mid range provincial town.
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