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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No jokes please!

I have just spotted this in yesterday's Daily Telegraph but nevertheless thought it was worth highlighting. It is no laughing matter.

The paper reports that Pakistanis who send jokes about Asif Zardari by text message, email or blog risk being arrested and given a 14-year prison sentence. They say that the country's interior minister, Rehman Malik, announced the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had been asked to trace electronically transmitted jokes that "slander the political leadership of the country" under the new Cyber Crimes Act. Mr Malik, said the move would punish the authors of "ill motivated and concocted stories through emails and text messages against the civilian leadership".

It may well be that the jokes are not very funny, as is illustrated by the following samples provided by the Telegraph:
In fact they are awful and in bad taste, that does not though excuse such a draconian law. Let us hope that Gordon Brown does not get any ideas.
Gordon Brown doesn't get ideas, ideas imply interlect!
I like the one quoted in India Uncut:

Robber: Give me all your money!

Zardari: Don’t you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari!

Robber: Okay. Give me all my money!
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