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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Brown

The Top Gear presenter really dislikes the Prime Minister doesn't he? Perhaps, when the General Election is called the BBC should ask him to carry out a series of interviews with the party leaders. It would certainly make for good entertainment and might even get people interested in politics again.
"Put a politician in a family car" and see who wins...:) Of course, having Cameron as his more or less next door neighbour might be seen as giving some kind of advantage, or not!
My entry on this topic was slightly shorter: http://top-gear.dreamwidth.org/2123.html
But this is a polite blog and would never consider using such a word in public :-)
I am much more uncouth than you ;)
I had never really watched much of Jeremy Clarkson on TV until one day flicking channels on the remote I fell into listening to his lucid views on Wind Turbines. He was spot on, in being very critical of their pathetic output and how they were such parasites sucking in vast subsidies and would have no effect whatsoever in averting global Climate Change. I thought to myself "Gosh this guy Jeremy Clarkson know what he's talking about, unlike the goons in the Wales Assembly and Westminster and Al Gore!". Top Gear man we need you to talk sense to these pseudo "green" goons. Keep at it Jeremy.
ach he talks a load of balls Mr. clarkson..him and his cars. Hes funny now and again, that caper about driving those tiddly car though the BBC building. He would'nt last five mins on a bicycle, muscle power
Clarkson v Jean Lambert: that I would pay to see!
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