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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Headline of the day

Today's Sunday Times illustrates a story headlined 'David Cameron in bid to seduce Holby City woman' with a picture of Patsy Kensit.

Apparently, it is a reference to a new marketing group that the Tories wish to target their message at. Anybody under the impression that this group consists of high profile actresses who have previously been married to pop stars would be wrong. The new target voter is a woman in her thirties or early forties, who is likely to do a responsible clinical or clerical job in the NHS.

Even so, my advice to Patsy Kensit is to run and hide if she ever sees the Tory leader walking towards her.
She's Not Scared.
As the daughter of a minor villain (as revealed in "Who do you think you are?") she probably favours the Conservatives already.
I can see the Tories cutting funding to the NHS, early in their first term in office; followed by much further cuts in their second term in office.

The country is pretty much bankrupt, following Gordon Brown's time as Chancellor (selling off our gold reserve) and his time as PM engaging in a rather expensive war and bailing out the Banks, both home and abroad (Iceland).

Don't get ill, either that or get yourself some good Health Insurance, or live elsewhere in Europe or North America.
Just glad it's not Lembit in the headline!!!!
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