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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cameron will evict protestors

David Cameron's so-called liberal-Conservatism has been undermined a little today with his announcement that he will do what Gordon Brown and Tony Blair failed to do and remove the long standing peace camp in Parliament Square.

Anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has been camping opposite Parliament since 2001, surrounded by banners and placards. He has been joined in the square by other protesters over the years - most recently a large group of Tamils.

Mr Cameron today told Sky News' Sunday Live today a future Tory government would take steps to have the encampment removed on aesthetic grounds. He says that he is in favour of free speech but only, it seems, if can be tucked tidily away out of sight. Does he really want to take on the mantle of Tony Blair's anti-libertarianism?
Scratch the surface - and the Tory party of old shines through - Eton did teach him something after all!
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