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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking News - First Minister apologises to Kirsty

The First Minister has written to the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, to formally apologise for calling her a liar in his press conference yesterday.

Rhodri Morgan had told the press that Kirsty was wrong to allege that civil servants had flown first class. It now emerges that he was misinformed.

I am sure that this story will develop as the day goes on.
He should resign, simple as that.
If he were a councillor, and not Labour, he would be referred to the Standards Board.
Frank Little you got it wrong. Please rewrite your comment as - "If he were not Labour he would never have succeeded onto any public platform". Half of these Wales Assembly Government inadaquates are only where they are today because of a traditional donkey Labour vote. Similarly the inadaquates now in Plaid Cymru are only there today because of the historic works of Owain Glyndwr; Saunders Lewis; Gwynfor Evans and Dafydd Wigley which gives them a "Pleidlais Asyn". Trouble is as the donkey voting quickly diminishes it is translated into the apathy of non voting and not transferred to the good people currently serving the Liberal Democrat Party.
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