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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blair for President!

Just when you thought you were safe the news breaks that the British Government still intends to press ahead with its plan to install Tony Blair as the Supreme President and Ruler of the whole of Europe.

In her first outing as Europe Minister, Gleny Kinnock confirm that Blair has the backing of the UK Government for the post if he is interested in it:

"Blair is seen by many as someone who has the strength of character, the stature," Kinnock said. "People know who he is, and he would be someone who would have this role and step into it with a lot of respect and I think would be generally welcomed."

How quickly peers of the realm become out of touch with the public mood.


This move sends out the worst possible signals. It aligns New Labour, and this government in particular, with those who want to see the EU as an imitation of the USA.
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