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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Brother Swansea style

At a meeting in the Canoldre Youth Centre today I was told that a number of young people from the area are replicating the big brother experience.

A different group will be locked in the Gorseinon youth centre for a week each over the next five weeks where they will carry out tasks and learn to live together and in a more independent manner. Most of them do not know each other before going into the house.

You can follow their exploits here.
Hi Peter. Good to see you're a blogger. I'm one of the people working on the Big Brother project and this blog came up under a search for it. Just wanted to let you know that you can follow the Swansea Big Brother Experience here on Blogger. The address is swanseabigbrotherexperience.blogspot.com
Thanks for spreading the word for us. Take Care
Gavin Evans
Area Team Leader
Swansea Youth Service
Good to see Swansea Council failing to provide bilingual websites once again on this Big Brother experience lark.
It is not a Swansea Council website. For information the fifth week of this event will be conducted entirely in Welsh.
Peter? Please check your facts. Not a Swansea Council website? -

"The Big Brother Project is run by Swansea City Council Youth Service"

Or, then again, I didn't need to do that did I? The first comment above was from the "Area Team Leader" of the "Swansea Youth Service".
There is a huge difference between a website run by a youth leader and the young people s/he is working with in which those youngsters speak in their authentic voice and in their own language and an official Council website.
Hi all. Just wanted to clarify a few things regarding the blog page. We have been running the blog page as a pilot project for us to investigate how to best communicate with young people on line. It is temporary blog set up for a particular project and as such does not directly represent the City and County of Swansea. We are working with Menter Iaith on the project and all signs inside the house are bilingual and there are several Welsh language and culture challenges. There is a message up on the blog to explain the we are running the fifth and final week entirely through the medium of Welsh and the blog will definately be bi lingual then. As we have to post blogs 24/7 and almost live we unfortunately do not currently have the capacity to do postings bi lingually and we ap[ologise for this. We wanted the blog to go ahead on this basis rather than to not have one at all. We appreciate any comments relating to the blog and project and are looking into whether we could somehow achieve bi lingual postings throughout with our partners, however for this project it may not be possible. We shall strive to improve and take these comments on board for future developments though.

Gavin Evans.
Area Team Leader
Swansea Youth Service
Frankly Gavin, I would not pander to this nonsense. The blog clearly falls outside of the Council's Welsh Language Scheme and the idea that it should be bi-lingual for the sake of it is just nonsense and does nothing to advance the cause of the Welsh language.
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