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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is going down in Wales?

Spotted coming out of a lift in the Welsh Assembly less than an hour ago, the Welsh Conservative's Head of Media, their new MEP, Kay Swinburne and John Bufton, the new UKIP MEP for Wales.

It is nice of the Welsh Tories to take UKIP under their wing so early after the election. Who knew they had so much in common? Perhaps the Conservatives have ambitions of getting a second MEP after all.
Bufton & Swinburne were the two talking heads in the AM:PM studio today. Another question which might be asked is: why was there not anybody from the more liberal side of politics on the BBC-Wales sofa?
Yes why wasn't there a real liberal at the BBc instead of the socail democrats.
You don't do gossip well do you?
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