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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome for Clegg statement on Trident

I thought I would take this opportunity to welcome the statement yesterday from Nick Clegg that the Liberal Democrats now believe that Britain should not renew Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent system with an equivalent modernised system.

This will of course have to be ratified by the Party Conference, which is where the Liberal Democrats make policy, but I suspect that there will be little difficulty in getting that through. This is the right decision politically, economically and strategically.

Clegg is absolutely right to assert that this decision makes sense in the context of rapidly deteriorating public finances and because the case for such a powerful nuclear deterrent in the post-cold war world is "a complete fiction".

It also positions the Liberal Democrats as a radical party not afraid to take tough decisions to bring our budget under control and who recognise the new realities of the international situation. We cannot afford to spend up to 10% of our defence budget on such weapons whilst our conventional forces remain under-pressure.
Good to see you have finally caught up with Plaid and the SNP
Except that as a UK Federal Party we actually have a chance to influence the outcome!!
Except that as a UK Federal Party we actually have a chance to influence the outcome!!
fair point, how dare plaid and the snp who are in power in their national respective countries taken such a principled stance. We should have just said nothing and waited for the third party in westminster to change their minds! lol.
im joking by the way Peter, well a little bit anyway given your rather odd response, but either way I am pleased that clegg has come around to plaid and the Snp's side on this. the more people who oppose this stupidity the better
I see Plaid has got only three MPs in Westminster....on the subject of which, a couple of them brought up the subject of a Patagonian being refused entry to the UK.

Plaid were a bit peeved that she had been denied entry to the UK since she wanted to go to North Wales to improve her Welsh for six months. Meanwhile back at the Parish Council on the Bay, Plaid voted with their Labour masters against a LCO for a Welsh Language Commissioner....
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