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Friday, June 12, 2009

Mobile Phone directory opt-out

There has been some consternation about the new mobile phone directory which enables people to find the number they want.

The service is being run by Connectivity (http://www.118800.co.uk/) which has bought lists of 16 million phone numbers – around 40 per cent of those in regular use in the UK – and addresses, which are typically used in the premium rate industry, to set up its service.

Connectivity insists it is 'privacy friendly' because it will not give out mobile numbers, but instead act as an intermediary to put users in touch with whoever they are searching for.
Instead, operators will find and dial the target's number and ask whether they are prepared to receive the call. If the target (you) doesn't answer their phone, then they'll send you an SMS message with the callers Name & Phone number for you to respond to. For either transaction Connectivity is going to charge the Enquirer £1.

If you are not happy at having your mobile number on this database then you can opt out here.

Hat Tip: Bridget Fox
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