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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Young Farmers do it with humour

My Party leader has drawn my attention to some fine examples of Young Farmers' sense of humour on a website illustrating some of the T-shirts they designed for their annual bash in Blackpool.

I quite liked this one but there is a whole selection there for your edification and delight. I don't think there is anything funny at all about swine fever or the proposed badger cull in parts of Wales but I think it is important sometimes to keep a sense of perspective.
"......and they do everything whilst wearing rubber wellies!"
lets educate these young farmers and tell them that the cause of the Bovine TB is not poor old badgers (our largest carnivorous mammal) but the slurry (which under a microscope will contain TB)
which is sprayed on pasture and the cows chew it up...
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