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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top up Fees Protest

The Welsh Liberal Democrats held a debate today on top-up fees in an effort to persuade the Labour and Plaid Cymru One Wales Government to change its mind on the decision to abolish the tuition fee grant for Welsh students in Welsh universities.

Plaid Cymru of course have a manifesto commitment to protect students against additional fees, they have reneged on that promise. The debate today was a chance for individual Plaid Cymru AMs to stand up for their principles. Alas they failed students once more as, with two notable and honourable exceptions, they supported the Labour line.

Just before the debate a group of students came to the Senedd to make their views known. Many of them feel let down by the NUS Wales leadership who have failed to mount an effective campaign against top-up fees. All of them feel betrayed by Plaid Cymru's abandonment of its policy on this issue.

There are further posts on this issue on the Freedom Central blog.

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