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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pay back time in the Welsh Assembly Tory Group

Jonathan Morgan has made a hard hitting speech tonight on the use of public money and regaining public trust. He sets out a number of reforms to the Assembly's expenses system he would like to see introduced and argues that the Welsh Government needs to introduce robust, disciplined budgetting. I suspect that his speech will be most widely reported though for the explicit criticism it makes of the Welsh Conservative Leader, Nick Bourne:

Politicians who have claimed inappropriately or illegitimately, whether it be phantom mortgages, i-Pods, plasma televisions, trouser-presses or duck islands for their ponds, have proven their judgement has been flawed and they have lost the moral, ethical and political capacity to show leadership.

It is a fine example of the old adage that 'revenge is a dish best served cold'. Is this the start of the sort of backbench sniping at Nick Bourne's leadership that many predicted when Jonathan was stripped of his health spokespersonship?

Update: sure enough BBC Wales have interpreted it as I predicted.
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