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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inappropriate comment of the day

From today's Western Mail:

A brief statement from Mr Martin at 2.30pm confirmed what had been clear for several hours; he would be standing down, ostensibly to maintain the unity of the Commons.

It was over in 45 seconds.

“I wonder how long,” one Welsh MP mused afterwards, “it took Charles I to kneel down and have his head chopped off?”

It is always useful to have a sense of perspective in these things.
Charles Ist! Charles II died in bed (who's bed the "Merry Monarch" died in is unknown). Glyn Davies believed that "James III" ascended the Throne in 1687! I can now understand why there has been no outrage about Cardiff University decimating its Humanities department!
I know. I copied and pasted it directly from the Western Mail. I will correct it for them in this post.
Mea culpa - it was I who erred, although a typo, rather than total ignorance of British history, is to blame.
A Phillip Jones of Felindre, Swansea, was one of the signatures on the Warrant for the Regicide of King Charles "1". How many of the Swansea MPs or AMs would today take part in some such controversial deed?
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