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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Geographically challenged

Like many of the 323,000 people who use Facebook in Wales I am outraged at the way that Welsh towns and Cities are being described as being in England by the geographically-challenged owners of the site.

This morning's Western Mail has highlighted that the default settings for Cardiff have this problem but so do the settings for Swansea. I have now removed the hometown information from the sidebar so as not to have to suffer this embarrassment but cannot do so from basic information, and why should I have to?

I have even changed my hometown to Abertawe in the hope that this might work but no, Facebook says Abertawe is in England as well. The Western Mail says if that you key in Caerdydd, Facebook recognises this as being within the UK, but I do not live in the capital City and do not want to be identified as such.

A number of Facebook groups have sprung up to protest, the most populous of which is 'I live in Wales NOT England - get fb to change it back!!!', which has 2,120 members. But do the powers that be listen to these groups? This needs to be corrected now.
Do you think 'outrage' mightn't be a bit over the top?

Annoyance? Exasperation? Irritation?
Have you ever tried saying those other words with your tongue in your cheek?

I am certainly exasperated at the problem and would like it fixed.
Caernarfon and Menai Bridge are listed as being in the UK.
Newport (and Monmouthshire) was in England during the 1901 Census!

Thoughts and comments please
Well they are not now. In 1901 we had a British Empire but we havent now. It is 2009, shall we stick to the present day?
We should take a county from England every century! Monmouthshire in the 20th Century, Shropshire in the 21st Century!!
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