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Monday, May 25, 2009

The dangers of losing data

The BBC report that the loss of disks with data on tens of thousands of personnel from RAF Innsworth in Gloucestershire last September is more serious than previously thought. Apparently, these discs contained 500 highly sensitive files with details of affairs, debt and drug use. They were taken from a secure area, and included names, addresses and some bank account details:

An internal MoD memo - obtained by a former officer and passed to BBC Two's Who's Watching You programme - shows the lost files contained "details of criminal convictions, investigations, precise details of debt, medical conditions, drug abuse, use of prostitutes, extra-marital affairs including the names of third parties".

The e-mail - from an unnamed wing commander - says the data "provides excellent material for Foreign Intelligence Services and blackmailers".

In the memo, written three weeks after the disks were stolen, he added: "By not declaring that highly sensitive vetting information has been lost, I am concerned that we, the RAF, will be accused of attempting a cover up."

Still I am sure that the National ID database will be as safe as houses. After all, what could go wrong?


Good job we aren't at war with anyone.....
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