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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Consultation on the code of practice for the welfare of rabbits

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to provide advice on how to meet the needs of your rabbit. It applies to all persons who have responsibility for rabbits kept as a companion animal.

Nice to see that the Welsh Assembly Government are getting one thing right. Will we be having a consultation on the welfare of badgers next?

Thanks to Heledd Fychan for drawing it to my attention.
Well, well, well....

WAG consulting Wabbit owners on things appertaining to the welfare of Wabbits.

Just to inform your readers Peter, WAG DIDN'T consult foster carers on allowances, but did consult with fostering agencies and local authorities on the foster carer allowance.

Lib Dem figures show that WAG paid some £4.3 million on Management Consultants in 2006/07.
Good to see that the Assembly is respecting Rabbits and there lives.
Our largest land carnivore and one of our most enigmatic mammals should have a consultation process. But this is doubtful us the the present rural affairs ministers has prioritised the kissing of farmers posteriors...
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