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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The battle for Blaenau Gwent...

...or the tale of two Aluns.

I am told that the battle for the Labour nomination to fight Blaenau Gwent at the next Assembly elections is hotting up.

Apparently, there are 12 potential candidates including Mid and West Wales Assembly Member, Alun Davies and now, former Culture Minister, Alun Pugh.

This could be the next must-watch election battle (after the European of course).
Have they got voter info that others are unaware of then? Surely a Labour voter revival is needed before anything else? They are scrambling for the Blaenau Gwent candidature it seems!
"They are scrambling for the Blaenau Gwent candidature it seems!"

Right, so having lots of people going for it is a sign of weakness?
Mr Black: Presumably by permitting Anon 4:01pm, you agree with the view of ridiculing one of the most important battles in the history of this country in which thousands of young men laid down thier life to give people like you the freedom to write blogs like this?

You were rightly angry about Nick Griffin, yet you permit comments like above? People died in France fighting fascism - fighting the likes of Griffin.

You insulted disabled people a few months ago and now you are besmirching the memory of 1944.

Get a grip of this blog please.

Incidentally, I dont expect you to publish this comment, as is your censorial way. However, you will read this and you will understand precisely what I mean. That will do me.

There is a dark side to your blog Mr Black - one which you nurture and encourage. A side that is quite unnerving at times.

For an elected politician, it is all quite odd.
I don't censor valid comments by people who are prepared to put their name to them. You will see from the policies explicitly set out on this blog that I seek to allow debate without endorsing the many diverse comments that are made. That goes for Anon 4.01pm as it does for you.

There is no ridiculing of the very brave men who fought fascism in France in 1944. If anything Anon is a parody of him/herself and sometimes it is best to let people form that judgement for themselves.

My view was that Anon was seeking to ridcule what s/he saw as a British Nationalist agenda rather than the events you refer to and that is why I allowed the comment. S/he is entitled to their view, after all that is what the thousands of young men laid down their lives for.

I do not accept that I have insulted disabled people. If you can point me to that entry I will address your point.
P.S. I have removed the comment rather than allow the perverse and inaccurate interpretation of my action in allowing it to persist.
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