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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Will Brown back down on MPs' expenses?

Today's Observer suggests that it has finally dawned on Gordon Brown that he may not get his proposed changes to MPs' second homes allowances through the House of Commons.

They say that Ministers are now frantically seeking a compromise deal. One cabinet aide said the government faced a "humiliating defeat" if it put the measures to a free vote, adding: "Even our lot won't have it."

The Prime Minister's problem appears to be that he does not understand the nature of consensus, when to lead and when to seek agreement. In this instance it was essential that he hammered out a compromise solution with other Party leaders and sought to consult and listen to backbench MPs so as to ensure that they were on board.

Instead, he rushed to YouTube with a measure that effectively imports the unaccountable and opaque European free-for-all to Westminister. If he does experience a humiliating climb-down on this issue it will be nothing less than he deserves.

For years, the Westminster village abounded with tales of Brown's so called political genius. How come, once he actually achieved the office he craved for so many years, almost everything he does and says is cack-handed and leaves him politically exposed and embarrassed?
Some people are born leaders some are born followers, guess which one Brown is.
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