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Sunday, April 12, 2009

In praise of Vince

Amol Rajan has as edifying post on the Independent website from Thursday under the headline 'How Cable is spooking Tory grassroots'. It is worth quoting in full:

Vince Cable has written a marvellously lucid book called The Storm, which I shall review here presently.

Over on the ConservativeHome website, Philip Dunne MP has put up a post with the headline: "There's nothing invincible about Vince".

This states the obvious, of course.

And reading through the rather flimsy evidence Dunne provides, it soon emerges that the post is really an attack on the Liberal Democrats rather than their Treasury spokesman.

The Tories are spooked by Dr Cable, which is why they're caught between showering him with praise (as Alan Duncan has) and trying to launch a counter-attack, as this post and various musings by Iain Dale,
such as this, both show.

This is as much about George Osborne as it is about Dr Cable. Tories know how lacking in gravitas Osborne seems to the public. They ought to ask themselves if Osborne could have written The Storm himself. If they're honest with themselves, they won't like the answer.

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