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Monday, April 06, 2009

A fish by any other name

I was quite amused this morning by this story in the Independent informing us that Sainsbury's has renamed Pollack as Colin because, it said, potential buyers were too embarrassed to ask for pollack, a cheap and plentiful cod substitute. Colin is to be pronounced "colan", after the French term for cooked pollack. I am glad they explained that.

Interestingly, cod has the opposite problem, it is popular but supply is declining. Surely the solution is to rename cod as pollack and with a bit of luck demand will readjust itself accordingly.
They should call it Wanda surely?
'Colon' doesn't sound very appetising either!!
Is there a Fishmonger left in Cardiff Bay? I ask, as I overheard several older people in the Bay say that the new yuppies who work down the Bay talk a lot of Pollacks. Spelling never was my best skill at school.
Much dispute on Radio Wales today as to whether Sainsbury had the correct translation.
I thought Colin was the fifth Chinese member of Tommy Cooper's family in his famous joke about the world's population
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