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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And then there were two

No sooner had Labour interweb guru David Taylor set a trend with a controversial Twitter post than others start to follow suit.

This time it is Conservative Cardiff North AM, Jonathan Morgan, who used Twitter to link to scenes of drunken revellers in Cardiff. Labour Cardiff South and Penarth AM, Lorraine Barrett thinks it is a disgrace. She believes that Jonathan is running the City down.

Jonathan Morgan has no intention of apologising. He says that it is important that we should not ignore these social problems. He argues that Lorraine and her Labour colleagues should be doing more to tackle binge-drinking.

So far so predictable. Can we all calm down now please?
Good on Jonathan Morgan for showing the truth about binge drinking in our capital city. I don't go out at night here now. It is Lorraine Barrett who should apologise for the mess she and her party has made of this country.
Fair enough imo. The Cardiff marketing department does a good job, showing gleaming Millenium Centers and shiny towerblocks and flowery gardens and long-shots of the city in the sun.

But if you live in Cardiff, or go there for a night out, you know it's murder. Almost literally. In the 1980s I used to live there, and it was quiet (as long as you knew what streets to avoid and at what times). But I went there recently and it was like a warzone. Sorry. Newport is just as bad. So is Swansea. Nice places in the day, but you wouldn't want to be there after dark.

(I'm talking about the town centres and main drags here, not the residential bits)
It's definitely time that city and town centres were reclaimed after dark for the over 25s, but this is a serious social issue and not a political one. Jonathan's just scoring cheap points and Lorraine is right to call him on that. And I support neither of their parties!
Why is this deemed to be "scoring cheap points"

Satying it's 'social not political' is daft. Are you saying that politics have nothing to do with society.

Blaming the govt is the easy option as well. People have got an individual responsibility to behave.

I also support neither of those parties, nor yours.
Anonymous: it's scoring cheap points because any opposition politician over the last 20 or 30 years could go out into a town or city centre and film rowdy behaviour and blame the government of the day. It's easy. In fact, you admit that yourself in your third paragraph.

The fact that you think that binge-drinking is a political issue and not a social one is your business, I'd hesitate to be rude enough to call it daft but I don't see it myself.
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