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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Woods, trees and badgers

Elin Jones, the Minister for Rural Affairs, has issued a written Statement launching the Woodland Strategy. There is no word yet as to whether any small animals will be harmed in the process.
Talking about "FORESTS", we in Wales will soon not be able to see the trees because of all the forests of giant Wind Turbines and they certainly kill wild life and we subsidise them to do so at the bequest of the Assembly's TAN8
Any proof that wind turbines, giant or otherwise kills wildlife?
Ample proof of Bird and Bat deaths on the internet - try googling "mark the eagles" as one example. Read Npower's latest planning Environmental Impact study where they THE DEVELOPER admit that their Wind Turbine Blades will kill Red Kites and Golden Plover with no exemption from the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The tens of thousands of tonnes of rock and concrete used for miles of service roads and foundations kill off ground nesting sites of birds like skylarks and curlew and lots of other species of fauna and flora. Unfortunately RSPB are getting payments from Scottish and Southern Wind Turbines so they do not protest. As far as our Assembly Members go, they generally could not care a toss as long as their Policy Advice TAN8 is adhered to. Really "Anonymous" , what planet are you on?
...also when you google "Wind Turbines Kill Birds" you also come up with a site that aims to dispell this myth!

How many bird (of prey), foxes, badgers, people are killed on the roads of the UK, probably infinately more that killed by wind turbines.

Green Man shouldn't get his scientific knowledge from the internet, there is an old saying that says "don't believe all you read in the newspapers" the same holds true of the internet.

At least I know that the chemical formula of urine is NH2CONH2
If we are to quote the internet....


and examine the table attached
This person "Anonymous" must have a fixation with peeeeing as he persistently quotes the chemical formula for "urea". Very clever indeed, but he can't spell - check out his "infinately"! Anyway, I find his arguement illogical - so if people are tragically killed on the M4 does that mean it is OK for people to go out and kill other people. Come on cowardly "Anonymous" reveal yourself as a Wind Turbine hugger - give us your name - my cover has been blown countless times on the web. Who are you?
If you want to know if wind turbines kill birds , have a look at these web-sites from Spain. Wind turbines guillotine rare raptors and cranes from the sky!
INCONVENIENT VIDEOS : www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=3729

The dark side of windfarms : www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=1228
Pictures of windfarm victims ( eagles etc. ), of turbines on fire, of collapsed turbines, of soil & water contamination etc. : http://spaces.msn.com/mark-duchamp
I don't know why anyone bothers to engage in debate with Anonymous alias Peter Black as this is just a Peter black opinion blog about and for Peter Black not the voters. As far as he is concerned we should cover Wales with more wind factories which we do not need as we already make enough power for Wales and more are just for selling to everyone else for massive profits which we will never see. Germany already has failure on its hands and now they are selling the turbines to us! Don't bother with an answer Peter we do not care what you think or any other main party representative. I hope that you approve of my comments!!

Any posting or comment on this blog made by me is in my name. Technically this entire thread is off-topic but I have tolerated it for now. It is now at an end. Also just to be clear the views attributed to me by L.B. on wind turbines bear no resemblance to what I actually believe and advocate.
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