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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why are you a Liberal Democrat?

I would never join the Liberal Democrats for a good number of reasons. However, I do support them tactically, as the Liberal Democrats are the only credible opposition in Wales to the stupid donkey Labour Vote. Plaid Cymru, who I once suported, has totally and absolutely lost its way as traitors to Wales. The Tories are a real non entity in Wales and Labour are to be utterly despised. So what's left? Yes - it it's the Liberal Democrats. They are doing a good job in Coalition helping to run my home city here at Swansea and elsewhere. So please electorate vote Liberal Democrat at the next Westminster and Assembly elections. At Council Elections please vote either Liberal Democrat or Independent. At all costs we must keep Labour out of Office until they change their deep rooted arrogance attitudes of hostility to the people - YOU!.
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