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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those very clever cats

Jonathan Calder draws our attention to an article in the Liverpool Daily Post in which Liberal Democrat Councillor, Richard Kemp is calling on Liverpool City Council to use its financial muscle to set up new credit unions, region-wide building societies and other financial institutions.

Richard is quoted by the paper as saying: “Frankly, my cat could run a better bankers than the London-based banks. So I want to bring some fresh thinking."

This is the second time that such a talented cat has been drawn to my attention. Only a few weeks ago, in seeking to justify his non-attendance at some Council meetings, the Conservative Leader on Swansea Council struck a similar note:

He said: "Much of the time spent in meetings in County Hall is an utter waste of time — pointless pontificating by councillors who know less than my cat about much of what they are considering."

As a result René's cat, Derrick has developed an internet presence of his own. Could Richard Kemp's cat form a double act with Derrick to save the country from recession?
Is there something significant in the fact that Rene's cat looks like Hitler?

I'm saying nothing...
Cats aside, HBOS and RBS could hardly be called "London based". The idea that London=idiot while Liverpool, Edinburgh or Cardiff have some natural wisdom is just silly.
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