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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shock, horror!

This morning's Western Mail expresses surprise that the Deputy First Minister and leader of Plaid Cymru has refused to condemn plans that could see the Assembly Government spending up to £42 million on refurbishing its own headquarters.

And why should he? He is after all part of the Government. Could the paper's Chief Reporter be confusing the Plaid leader with the Ieuan Wyn Jones who, before the May 2007 elections, would have been the first to feature in news reports arguing that the money should be spent on hospitals and schools instead?

Then again, reading carefully what is actually said, the 'embattled' Ieuan Wyn Jones does not endorse the expenditure either. Instead he argues that he will have to consider the business case if it ever crosses his desk.

So where is the story?
souds typical here in wrecsam we face the prospect of 7% rent rises without any regard for the families trying to put food on the table and clothe kids Wrecsam is of corse a low pay economy
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