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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sharing the pain

Frankly, I think that it is a bit of a cheek for a Vodaphone representative to argue to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee that Wales is losing out on mobile phone coverage because of nimbyism. Their solution to a better service appears to be more masts.

Yet they have proved it is possible to share networks for 999 calls in Wales, thus alleviating the need for more of these intrusive structures. Why cannot they do the same for non-emergency calls?

If I go abroad then my mobile finds the nearest network. Surely that arrangement can be put in place here too.
QI (Quite interestingly) the subject of Phone Masts has recently bubbled to the surface in Maesteg (aka Gods little acre).

Plans are afoot to site a mast in the rugby ground (7777); much NIMBISM has taken place!!

Protesters have been photographed outside the club, protest meetings, etc. etc.

Anyone can go onto the Sitefinder website www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk to see the telephone masts near them.

For example I put in my postcode to find that there are telephone masts situated in St. Michaels Church in Brynmawr Place, Maesteg, in addition to masts situated near the Golf Club and one situated in Maesteg Park.
Surely if mobile operators were to share signals, it would stop any further investment into new masts. While many would see that as welcome, it would prevent those who are currently unable to get signals (including many in rural wales) from being able to ever receive a signal.

It is so hypocritical for people to condemn new masts being put up when it is only a reponse to customer demands. If you don't want masts, then stop using mobiles.

Why are you stifling debate on your website. You have now refused to post 3 of my comments.

Can you explain this? I have not broken any of your rules. All I have done is criticise the Liberal Democrats. You seem particularly thin skinned and ileberal.
I posted your comment which was off-topic. I answered you. You then repeated yourself twice. I did not wish to bore my readers any more then they may be already by my own ramblings.
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