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Sunday, March 22, 2009

E-mailing Gordon

The Pendennis column in today's Observer reveals that Downing Street has closed down the facility which enables members of the public to e-mail Gordon Brown. Instead you can write a letter or send a fax!

Things have moved on a lot since Tony Blair took his first tentative steps into the twentieth century by learning how to switch on a computer. Not!
"you can write a letter" - if you can find a mail-box, bearing in mind that it will have to wait until Monday evening for collection.

"or send a fax!" Now, there's an interesting thought. If Downing St has an old-fashioned fax machine, the tax-payer will pay for the paper it consumes. If running unattended, it will stop when the paper runs out.

More likely, it's a virtual fax in-tray on a computer server somewhere. But even these fill up if not serviced frequently.

Persons of diminished social responsibility may be amused by "fax-spamming" the No 10 fax machine. This behaviour is wrong. Not only will it waste government money, but will give No 10 even more excuse for not attending to legitimate complaints.
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