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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dealing with the English ignorance of Welsh matters

Thanks to Tom Harris for bring this to our attention from the corrections and clarifications column in today's Guardian:

A letter to the editor, which touched lightly on English ignorance of Welsh matters, was attributed in an early edition to Hwyl Fawry. It should have been attributed to Gill Caldwell. She signed off her letter with hwyl fawr, which translates roughly as “all the best” (March frogs, 6 March, page 35).

The Guardian has obviously succumbed too
Peter, nice to see the correction. Would you care to answer the question posed on Welsh Ramblings about independence? You appear to have gone silent.
I have replied on your blog by pointing out the irrelevance of this initiative and that the quote you have used from me is taken out of context.

I did say that Wales may at some time be able to stand on its own two feet economically but not that it would flourish or that it would be a successful economy.

I remain unconvinced that Wales would gain anything from independence. Nobody has made that case and frankly there are more serious things to worry about. This initiative is in danger of undermining the 'yes' campaign for a referendum on more powers.
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